Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taipei Air Station - Site Plan * UPDATED

Update: 26 November 2009:

Google Earth overlay provided by
林俊昇 Lin, Chun-Sheng

This undated site plan drawing of Taipei Air Station was included in the documents I received from Mr. Terence Sherwood, who was the 327th Air Division Historian in 1970.

Look at this - it brings you right back onto the Air Station - the old days, what memories!

I am gathering information to identify who was in each building, what the name of the office was, what went on in that building number, and/or anything else you can remember from your days on the Air Station.

For example:

Building 6 was named the Cotton Building and it contained the 2165th Communications Squadron Offices and facilities in 1965 - 1968.

Building 7 was called Club 13, the NCO Club in 1965 - 1968.

Please take a few minutes of your time and help me ID these buildings through the years.

Be sure to tell me what years you were at Taipei Air Station.

Some of the buildings changed occupants, so what you remember during your time was something completely different during my time.

I will include a list of building numbers and their occupants when I post the History of Taipei Air Station later this fall.

E-mail your information to me at:

Thank you for helping us identify the buildings and together we will see how things changed over the years.

Be sure to click on the picture. It will open into a clear document with clearly identifiable building numbers. The Site Plan photo was restored by my friend Bruce Rayle.


Anonymous said...

Taipei Air Station – Bldg Legend


TAS had changed a good bit between your departure (1968) and my arrival (1971). Mainly, the entire ‘hostel’ area was no longer part of the base. Here’s what I remember of the old base:

Main gate would enter by south end of NCO Club…..

Building 2 would be the Dispensary/ dental clinic

Building 3 or 4 – one of these two buildings (pink one) was the 327 AD Generals Qtrs

Building 5 would be the Post Office

Building 6 was 2165th Communications Squadron

Building 7 was the NCO Club (Falcon Club)

Building 9 included Finance/CBPO

Building 10 included the American Express Bank

Building 13 would be the Officers Club

Building 14 – would this be the base swimming pool?

Building 18 / 19 – I believe this was classroom area

Building 102 was the Dorm

Building 105 was the Chow Hall

Building 124/125/126 were all part of motor pool

Building 31 – Ground Radio/ Tech Control

Best Regards

John Hurst

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember a barbershop, could it be at bldg 12? A haircut (with shampoo), facial massage and manicure, by some pretty girls, for what, under $2.00? Ah, the luxury of it all. I was with the Aircraft Maintenance branch (DCM)from 70 - 72, and I do think the barbershop was just down the covered walkway from us. (bldg 6?) I'll have to scour my photos.

Will the photos be posted to the website, too?

John Koztecki, 1st Lt, Division Aircraft Maintenance Officer

Anonymous said...

My error, I think the bldg we were in was bldg 10, just down the walkway from the barbershop.

John Koztecki

Taipei Air Station said...

I remember Building 12 housed the Barber Shop 1965-1968. Haircut was free with Club 13 Membership Card. What a life.

VinceD said...

Vince D

When I was there in 63-65, only the area you show as Area One existed. That was the entire air station. The areas 16 and 17 (maybe even 18 and 19) were 4-bed barracks rooms. And, we each were issued "chit" books every week or month that we used to pay for meals at the 13 (NCO) club... there was NO chowhall.

raybobus said...

Hey Vince,
I know you. i'm Ray(randy) Wood that played with the band in 64, 65. Thought about you and of course, wondered what your life had turned out to be. You had the nicest girlfriend. I don't remember her name but she was a doll.