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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Marines Have Landed in Taiwan

We're Back

Tainan AFB, August 16, 2009, about 2:30 pm local time

A US Marine Corps C-130 arrives with relief supplies for typhoon victims.

There is much to be done in assisting the government of Taiwan with help and supplies for the citizens who experienced this terrible typhoon.

I know the United States will provide all that is asked and more.

And when it is completed, do I have a motion from the readers of this blog, to ask the United States to park our aircraft and remain in Taiwan just in case help is needed for any contingency in the future?

Leave your comments below.

God Bless Taiwan!

Update: Link to more photographs and Taiwan News article HERE

More news from Central News Agency Taiwan HERE


Michael Turton said...

Hell yes I second that!

Anonymous said...

count me in!

David Yang

Robin Lin said...

Too many people dead in this typhoon.
Many people in Taiwan are also hope that U.S. could stay in Taiwan.

k2 said...

welcome back to Taiwan.
keep us from China.

Ladios said...

Welcome back and this time, we hope you can stay longer, until 2012 or until we become a real country.

Anonymous said...

Please stay in Taiwan. We are need help. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

welcome to taiwan

insectlin said...

Thanks to USA, the country that generously adopted me.

Dixteel said...

lol...don't know if you guys are joking or not.

But help from the US is most certainly welcomed.

Thank you, US marines.

BIT said...

Thank you very much for helping Taiwan. Your thought is most appreciated and I hope will be materialized.

Islander said...

I second that!

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Thanks Yanks!

Johnny Jiang said...

I'm sorry to say if the US military cutting-edge aircraft came earlier within 48 hours after the natural disaster, you would help evacuate hundreds of victims away from the mud-soaked villages, but now I'm afraid that there might be only dead bodies buried in the landslide. Anyway, welcome back! After all it's not your fault (because the country's bureaucracy had denied US timely rescue) and it's never too late to mend.

Let's better watch over President Ma's speech in his international press conference an hour later. I wonder if there's any journalist with the guts to make the questions:

Dear Mr. President,
How do you sleep while the rest of us cry?
How do you dream when a mother has no chance to say goodbye?
How do you walk with your head held high?
Can you even look me in the eye
And tell me why...

(Quoted partly from the lyrics of Dear Mr. President by Pink)

Anonymous said...

well said! Johnny

David Yang

FB said...

Perhaps you could ask them to just lease you an airfield for a few years... Say twenty years - that ought to be enough, right?

FB said...

Oh, yes, I almost forgot. The Taiwan Beer is pretty thin stuff. The "gow lee ong" is basically sorghum vodka, with a very pungent aroma. As for other needs ... well does anyone know of any "barbershops"?

Mad Minerva said...

Thanks for the post. I'm delighted to see my home country of the US help out my ancestral Taiwan. Let's hope this is the only kind of military action we will will see...though the shadow of China is getting bigger.

kindkiller said...

Please help Taiwan.
We need a new president

Anonymous said...

Captain Blogger, sir! Great post, great photo. One question: in that photo above of the US Marine Corps C-130 arriving in Tainan with relief supplies for typhoon victims, is there any special reason why the American flag and other military insignia are fogged over (or painted over)? Was this to kowtow to Red China which forbids Americans from even helping out the rengegade province of Taiwan even during humanitarina crises? Or do all Marine airplanes land in foreign countries this way, with no USA flag on the tail or any identifying logos? I am sure this is NOT a conspiracy, but inquiring minds at the State Dept want to know. You know. Can you dish here later, sir? I will check back in a day or two. I am in Chicago, reporter for the local paper here, the Sun Times. Thanks. Spent a summer in Taipei long ago. Nice place, good people. Sorry to hear of the disaster. God bless them all and I hope they get Christianity there soon, too, they need God's protection and their Daoist gods don't work it seems.

Taipei Air Station said...

Mr. Anonymous, who indicates he is employed as a newspaper reporter for the Chicago Sun Times, has left a legitimate question concerning the markings on the C-130 aircraft pictured in this post.

Sir, since you are living in Chicago, why don't you use your office telephone and call the Pentagon in Washington DC and ask the Marine Corps for a statement on the markings of the aircraft you speak of? I am sure the Pentagon would provide an answer to a press inquiry from the Chicago Sun Times newspaper.

I cannot answer your question.

I can only say, the aircraft arrived with the goods. Who cares what the markings on the aircraft are?

As we often say, it's what's on the inside that counts.

Aloha Mr. Anonymous from Chicago.

Good Night. Kent

Nono said...

Hi Sir,
Let me make a brief introduction first.
I am a Tawianese and ever been a corporsal of ROCMC(ROC Marine Corps) during 1994~1996.

It's my first time visiting your blog.
As I know,ROCMC also got many support and cooperation from US.
So I bought a book named - US MAAG TAIWAN AN ORAL HISTORY to study the story between US & ROC.
(The book's outlook is
After searching internet for relative materials.
Your blog appeared first and I was attracted by your blog because there are so many treasure here - "friendship" and "emotions".

Thank you my firend.

Here is my blog -
Just for record Marine songs and military memories of mine.


H.H. Chao