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Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Housing Area Street in Taiwan

Click on photo for a larger view.

This photograph was sent in by a gentleman stationed in Taiwan.

I recognize the green Oldsmobile Cutlass parked on the corner on the left side of the photograph, I believe it's a 1968 or 69 model.

Will someone ID where this photograph was taken. If you can tell us where the photograph was taken, do you have any other photos of this area?

Look at the beautiful red flowers on the tree.

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Anonymous said...

let me take a wild guess, could it be tainan airport. The road, the house and the fence at the end of the road, it all reminds me of Tainan airport. There are many flame trees in tainan also. Here in tainan, we call them "Phoenix tree".

David Yang

Sammy said...

I was stationed in Taiwan during the 1971-73 time period, and it looks very similar to a housing area on Yangming shan mountain near the National Cultural University. If you take a drive up there today the housing area is still there (Western style homes) originally used by the US Military. It is located right next to the University, it is somewhat run down but still in use most likely by the University.

rick slater said...

sorry David Yang and Sammy. I took the picture in 1973. It is looking East in the Tainan AFB base housing. To the left, 2 streets over was the main gate. The orange flowered tree is a mimosa tree.

Rick Slater, 6214th sec.pol.grp.

Anonymous said...

thanks rick for the answer. the Tainan Air Force base is now partially use for commercial flight. I used to fly to taipei every week, that's why it looks so familiar to me. thank for the picture.

David Yang

rick slater said...

David Yang: Care to leave me an EMail address on mine so we can communicate or would you like to remain anonymous ? The wife and I spent a month "Home" in Jan.'09. Lunar Holiday Festival was very interesting. The whole country has a week off. ALOT of eating and drinking { Taiwan Gold Label Beer ]. Was dismayed, not to have been able to get on Tainan AB or CCK as I did not know anyone. It was ony in March'09 that I came across Kent's web site. Here Gene Hirte was probably in Taichung. A downer. While with family, we visited Sun Moon Lake for a couple of days and our group came in contact with a large group of STUDENT nurses from Pintung, on holiday. The brave one, Nana, spoke a little english. After a lot of pictures taken, strange how 'their' group kept running into 'our' group the rest of the day ?! Yea...Least Nana gave me her EMail address ! Yeah ! I felt a bit old after that. I am in my mid 50's and they are 20 or somethings. Looking back now, I remember the experience fondly. Yea

Maurine said...

Just found this site. Street reminds me of the straight road by the park, as Sammy said, in BOT housing, Yamingshan. Hard to tell; maybe all the BOT's looked similar. We lived in the last house at the top of the hill on the last street before falling off the mtn. The cultural college kitchen and garbage dump was our next door neighbor. Do any of you remember the typhoon in 1971. The one the caused all of us to be evacuated to the radio station bldg.? My experience was worlds away from the other posts of typhoon parties. Was it in Aug or Sept?