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Monday, February 2, 2015

Old Pillbox on Tainan Air Base 1957

Here's an old black and white photo sent over by Guild Fetridge who was stationed at Tainan AS assigned to the 868th Tactical Missile Squadron from 1957 to 1960.

Those of you were at Tainan AS in the 1950s may recognize this old Pillbox.

I know there were a number of these old boxes around the base.

Do you recognize this particular one and it's location on the base.  

I believe the metal building seen in this photo might help identify it's location for those of you who were at Tainan in the 1960s.

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H君 said...

Wg said...


is a good site. Can't read it, but good pics. Also, have never seen those tall type.

Unknown said...

Might be this one.
there is another one in the next link.

Anonymous said...

It's the one that sat next to the AFNT studio building (was at the right of photo) in 1972. AFNT quonset building not up then and is gone now but the position is the https://goo/gl/maps/TzVtV in post above. Have pictures in slides and no way to load them.