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Monday, January 26, 2015

Tony Coolidge Returns to His Taiwan Roots

Back in August 2012, we ran a story about Tony Coolidge.

 Tony was born in Taiwan in the mid 1960s, fathered by a US Airman assigned to Shulinkou Air Station.

Tony, like most of us under similar circumstances, wants to make contact with his birth father.  

What ever the reasons were and are, he was never able to locate his father, even though we know his name and where he worked.

Tony also has a number of photographs of his father, taken in the 1960s. 

 Based on our inability to locate any trace of his father, we assume that Mr. Smith, after his stint in the US Air Force, took employment with one of the companies whose offices are in the Washington DC area.

Perhaps this is another "Mr. Smith goes to Washington," story?

Tony, his wife and children have recently moved from the United States to Taiwan.

Tony and his wife have dedicated themselves in helping bring international attention to the indigenous tribes of Taiwan. 

Tony’s mother was from the Atayal tribe of Taiwan, one of the 14 recognized Austronesian tribes. 

These tribes are the ancestors of the millions of Polynesian descendents, which now populate the Pacific islands like Hawaii, Fiji, and Samoa, also countries like Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand, Malaysia and Madagascar. 

They are all related by DNA and language, and Tony wants to help Taiwanese people rediscover their connected heritage, hopefully bringing about more international cooperation and opportunities for Taiwanese people.

Perhaps you can help Tony in his quest to locate his birth father.  

If you have any ideas to help us locate Mr. Smith, they would be greatly appreciated. 

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Anonymous said...

Kent, want to thank you for putting this and other Birth Children cases up on your Station. Tony's birth father (Jeffrey Smith) seems to have disappeared after his stint at Lin Kou AS. J.Harris (76th USASA Sp.Ops. Unit) and myself have been searching far and wide, but no such luck. Thanks also for clearing out a few others: Tony Wang ( father-Dave Brown), Connie Daih, (late father-Joseph F. Rebiero), and Maria Cheng Cormona, (late father-James McFarlin). The last two, their fathers were found, but the 'family' has issues. And then your case had closure as well. Leandra Jordan and Jennifer Hiban's cases are still open. Thanks again, for being receptive to the plight of these proud AmerAsian-Americans .