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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Daughter of a Tainan AB Pilot Checks-In

Sherry Banks the daughter of Lonnie Teague wrote to us:

My father, Capt Lonnie Teague was stationed at Tainan. 1959-1961.

We lived in Nine-house compound.  

I know my dad went to Quemoy sometimes but I don't know what he did there.  He was a fighter pilot.  

His best friend was a Capt in the Chinese Air Force, Orlando Hue.  

My dad had a heart attack while he was flying but he was able to get the plane back to Tainan and land.  

There's so much I don't know but would like to find out.  

I have some pictures of the compound but we didn't go to the base much that I can remember.  

I would appreciate any information of that time period and especially anyone that knew my father.

Perhaps someone knew Lonnie Teague.. 

Please write and we will arrange contact with Sherry Teague.


Anonymous said...

Sherry Teague. there are a few of the older Taiwan Vets around. one just has to know where to look. will contact Kent Mathieu to contact you directly.

Anonymous said...

The Quemoy-Matsu Crisis of 1954-1955 demonstrated the ability of the U.S. Navy during the Cold War to discourage communist military adventures, support key allies and preserve peace in the Western Pacific," said Dr. William S. Dudley, the director of Naval History. "Like last year's successful effort to locate veterans of the 1954 Operation Passage to Freedom, we are looking for veterans of the historically significant Quemoy-Matsu Crisis of 1954-1955."

If you took part in these 1954-1955 operations, or know of someone who did, please contact:

Dr. William S. Dudley
Director, Naval Historical Center
Washington Navy Yard
805 Kidder Breese SE, Washington, D.C. 20374 - 5060
Telephone: (202) 433-2210

Anonymous said...

It is just me. (R. Slater at Tainan AB Taiwan). I have contacted this number and left a message for the LTC at the Navy Hist. Cent. even though this article was written and released on 4/2004.

Anonymous said...