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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Marine Corps Aircraft Part of US Forces on Taiwan during 1958 Crisis UPDATED 25 May 2015

Jim Livingston was assigned to Marine Fighting Squadron 451 (VMF-451) home based at Atsugi, Japan. 

During the Taiwan Quemoy Crisis in 1958, VMF-451 was sent to Ping Tung AB as part of the US buildup of aircraft, in the defense of Taiwan.

A US Marine Corps FJ-4 tied down in a Ping Tung AB revetment.

Ground Crew members of VMF-451 at Ping Tung AB.

VMF-451 Squadron Headquarters area at Ping Tung AB.

VMF-451 Revetments at Ping Tung AB.

VMF-451 Plane Captains.

Some of the VMF 451 guys, right to left Melvin Turner, Jan Mc Annally. don't remember the 2 men on the left.  
Our  tents were right on the airstrip

Another photo of the VMF-451 Ground Crew men.

Some of the VMF-451 folks were also up at Hsinchu helping with the Training of CAF Crews.

In January 1959, the squadron returned to home base at Atsugi Japan. 

Back home in Atsugi after Taiwan duty.

Jim Livingston was promoted by Major Nowadnick after returning to Atsugi from Ping Tung.

Many thanks to Jim for sending in some of his photos from Taiwan.

We sometimes forget that every branch of the US Military served and supported in the defense of Taiwan.

If you have a story of your time in Taiwan, please let us hear from you.

UPDATE - 25 May 2015

Just came across some more photographs taken by the Taiwan Government photographers concerning VMF-451.

The photographs are on a Facebook Page.

When you're inside your Facebook page, go to this link:

If this does not work, search for this Facebook Page:


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