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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Double 10 Parade - Taipei 1956

Charlie Hoope, a young Naval Air Intelligence officer on his first overseas assignment, was assigned to USTDC in Taipei.

A few months back, I ran across a newspaper article written about Charlie's return visit to Taipei, including a few photos.  The story was published in a weekly newspaper, I believe out of Tienmu. The photos in the newspaper were not of the highest quality.

I found Charlie's address and wrote asking if he had any additional photographs he might share.  We corresponded back and forth.   Last week, Charlie sent me a box containing a number of 35mm slides taken during his assignment in Taiwan, 1956-1957.

The Double 10 Celebration Military Parade moving toward the Ministry of National Defense building (MND) on Wednesday, 10 October 1956.

 Marching troops.  One might assume, blue uniforms = Air Force?

An old WW II Jeep carrying Unit Commander, following behind, Personnel Carriers.
How about the folks on the roof of the Union Building.

Looks like some US Military men sitting on the curb on the left of the photo.

Can someone ID this track vehicle please.

This is the first color photo of the MAAG Offices.  The second building, on the right, the door sign reads MAAG

The Chief, MAAG Taiwan had an office in the Ministry of National Defense (MND) building just to the rear of the photographer.

A few years later, the building's name was changed to the Presidential Palace, as it remains today. 

Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek standing on the Reviewing Platform in front of the Ministry of National Defense Building, October 10, 1956.  

Beautiful photos courtesy of Charlie Hoope.

More on Charlie's Taipei days ahead. 

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阿儒 said...

The track vehicle should be 105 mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M7 Priest.(

Anonymous said...

I am not exactly sure about the grey/blue uniforms being Air Force or not, but one similar to them is still worn by the special guards at the Chang Kai Shek memorial where they do a silent changing of the guard.