Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Look Ma - We're in Taiwan Enjoying a Refreshing Coca Cola

Jim Caumo worked in the 2165th Communications Squadron, Relay and Switch, at Taipei Air Station, 1963-1965.

Jim sent in this photo with the following note:

     "A bunch of us fresh-out-of-tech-school arrivals at the 2165th Comm Squadron were sitting around a table at Club 13 drinking Cokes and other adult beverages. The club’s roving photographer came upon us, and we invited him to take a group photo that we could all send home to our families and friends. 

     Of course, the photo had to be cleansed for family consumption. So, all the mixed drinks and beers came off the table and re-positioned strategically at our feet, and a round of Cokes for all was ordered for display on the table. (Some of the guys actually finished the Cokes later!) 

     What a liberating transformation the past few months was for all of us and we spent a good bit of time just celebrating it."  (Editor - graduating and being out of Tech School)

Lower left corner moving clockwise: Karl Neal, Bill Stephenson, Danny Schultz, Mike Zimmerman, Bruce Galloway, Jim Caumo, (Currently Unidentified,) Billy Scales, Richard Brian.

Mom may have bought off on all those Cokes, but Dad knew better... 

In the 1960s, only the American Embassy Shop sold Coca Cola in bottles.  If you went to the Navy Exchange you could only get those steel cans of Coke that were shipped in from the CONUS.

Click on the photo and it will open in a large view.

Look closely, they've got a Coke and glass of ice just for you.  

(It's on top of the napkin holder)

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