Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Look at the New CCK Footprint Museum

This past Tuesday I traveled down to Taichung and together with a few other folks, we entered CCK Air Base and made our way to the old Chapel where the new Footstep Museum is housed.

It was a beautiful day, sun shinning with temperatures in the mid 70s. As we drove from the gate toward the old chapel, everyone was looking about, trying to spot old buildings recognizable from the "old days."  Many of the buildings from our days have been taken down, but, there are a number still standing that would inspire your heart to thoughts of past days at CCK, those many years ago..

We passed by the old gasoline station, deserted now, the old BX (Navy Exchange) and buildings in that general area, the O' Club, and the now, rusting water tower.  The base theater, education office and bowling alley, and looking out the window on the left side of our car, the Chapel.

We parked, stepped out of the car, and looked around..  Here we were, standing on, one of the highest points on CCK.

 I felt a tug on my heart strings as I gazed on the Chapel.  So many thoughts ran through my mind; here I was, one of the few Taiwan Veterans who would ever have an opportunity to step  inside a museum dedicated to the folks who served and gave a part of their lives in service at CCK and Taiwan.

 We walked up the sidewalk toward the front door.

An Air Force representative who spoke English was waiting our arrival.  
 This plaque explains the museum

Here are three videos I took at the museum

We left the museum about 3 hours later, drove back through the base, checked-out at the main gate, taking a left turn on the highway as you did so many times, and headed toward downtown Taichung.

We drove to a Tea House Restaurant in Taichung to relax over a light lunch and a time to talk about our visit to CCK.

 We sat inside the restaurant, it was more comfortable.  This was a Tea House Restaurant, the drinks were really tasty.

Here was my snack, hot noodles with bean sprouts, minced pork and mushrooms, it was very good.  Just above the noodle bowl are two Mochi cookies with walnuts. These were my first Mochi cookies, they were fantastic! To the right of the Mochi is a small plate of chicken strips with sauce on the side.  I believe the tall glass just above my orange tea with lime drink is milk tea with red beans.  

Thanks for coming along on our trip to the CCK Footstep Museum.

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EMax said...

I enjoyed viewing the video and the picture. The chapel brings back memories. I was at CCK from Dec 1966 to Jan 1979 and then came back with my family from jan 1973 to Dec 1973. I remember participating and playing in quite a few plays in late 1972 or early 1973. I played the Judge in "The Nurnberg Trial." We also supported an orphanage and I remember the Christmas party we threw for them.
Max, Navigator, 345 TAS, CCK

EMax said...

Sorry, my fat finger mistyped the years I was there. It should have read Jan 1966 to Jan 1970 then Jan 1973 to Dec 1973.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how I can visit the CCK Museum? I will be traveling to Taiwan in March. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Janet S.