Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Taipei Air Station Barracks

Photos of the TAS Barracks are very scarce.

A contract was let to Feng Yung Construction Company on 20 January 1964 to construct the 3 story "Airman's Dormitory."

The barracks was opened sometime in the 2d half of 1965. There is no mention of the completion of the building in the historical records available to me. I think too many things were on-going at Kuan Kuan AB (CCKAB) during this time, which over-shadowed the opening of the new building.

When I arrived at TAS in early December 1965, I was housed in the new barracks for a few weeks, then told to pack my bags and move.  I ended up at the FASD Hostel on Chung Shan North Road, just outside the HSA East Compound.

So many of us called those HSA Hostels home at one time..

Prior to the opening of the new barracks, many airmen were housed across the street from the TAS gate in the old CAF Hostel. You can find some photos HERE.

I have this photo, taken on the street side of the Dormitory sometime during the 1967-1968 time period, by David McComb.

 I believe this is David standing beside his POV.

Does anyone want to name the make and model of each vehicle in this photo starting on the left side of the picture, beginning with the yellow Chevrolet.

Please add your list as a Comment below.  

Here is a sky view of the "new" Taipei Air Station.
Most of the "old" buildings were still standing toward the top of the photo.

The NCO Club and I see the Cotton Building, (2165th Communications Squadron Building.)
Does anyone know the story of how the Cotton Building was named?

I assume for someone named Cotton, but what story lays behind the name. The must have been a plaque.

Those were the days............


jimsblog said...

I worked there from late 1963 through early 1965. I recall raising the question while there and learned a "Sergeant Cotton" had been killed in an accident putting up the building transmitters. I don't remember if a memorial plaque existed in or on the building anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the photo with the Airman and the cars. I recall a David McComb who I believe worked in a radio section (MARS?). He was of average build, but blonde haired; and I recall from California. The time frame was 68-69.