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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mama and the Kids are on the way to Taiwan

With all that is happening in Japan, many military folks are electing to put their families on flights out of the country.

Seems you can pretty much send the family anyplace you are comfortable with. This rule is correct;  the family talks it over and decides where they want to go, back home or to a location closer to Japan.  Taipei is not quite a 4 hour flight from Tokyo.

You can read the latest evacuation news from Japan in the Pacific Edition of Stars and Stripes.

I decided to look at the possibility of heading for Taiwan under the "Voluntary Evacuation" program.

I would have been one of the first to put my folks on the plane if I was stationed in Japan.  It's just not worth taking a chance, anything could happen.  Those nuclear plants are already a disaster, what else might happen.

Taiwan Per Diem rates are very sufficient, especially in Taipei. 

Interesting to see how it could work out.

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