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Thursday, December 30, 2010

CCK - October 2010 Visit - UPDATED

During this past October, my friend Gene, by way of a third party, contacted CCK and asked if a small group of US Veterans could visit the base.  A few days later we received an approval.    

Typical protocol you find on any military base, same here.

We drove out from Taichung and begin our visit at the 427th Tactical Fighter Wing HQ Building, briefing room.  

We were warmly greeted and given a welcome briefing and video presentation of the base and units.   The Commanding General spoke with us a few minutes, we were served refreshments and provided brochures, a cap with the IDF logo and a few other items.

We were escorted to various locations. We stopped along the way for a few photographs of facilities before we visited the CCK Wing Museum which houses many historical documents and items from the ROCAF units and other CCK items.

After visiting the ROCAF CCK Wing Museum, we drove to the old Chapel. All of the inside was gutted. New rooms were being built inside the building.  The Chapel is more than 40 years old and was in need of repair. I believe the Chapel sat vacant since we left.

While most of our group was in the Chapel, I ran across the street and took a few photos.  We then drove to the old Mess Hall where we enjoyed a very large dinner meal with many many dishes including steak.  

The folks who conducted our tour were gracious, outgoing and honest. I was impressed by the professionalism of the military folks I talked with. It warmed my heart.  These folks are similar to you and me.  They are freedom loving people and stand ready to protect their country.  It kind of puts a smile on your face and a jump in your heart.  These folks love their freedom and way of life as much as you and I.

It's imperative that we continue our support of Taiwan.

I've seen a lot of Taiwan this year. I'm taken a number of videos in and around Taipei.  When you have time, take a look some of these videos.  You can't help but love Taiwan and the folks who live here.

Be sure to click on each of these pictures, you'll get a much better view

The 427th Tactical Fighter Wing Headquarters Building - New construction

 Old US Fire House

New ROCAF Base Ops

New paint from our days

Ramps looking toward north

Old photo of Officer's Club "Back in the Day"

Officer's Club today, sidewalk to front entrance

Above, inside the Officer's Club.  The kitchen is intact and it appears that the building is used on occasion.  Probably used for "Official" gatherings.

We drove toward the Chapel and past the area where there were many old single story barracks.

The water tower stands alone now.  It could use a paint job!

The Chapel, view from the left side.

 The Chapel, under renovation.

 Next month, January 2011, the Chapel will reopen.

In addition to being the old US Chapel, it will now also display items of history from the US period at CCK and become the CCK US Museum.

We have so much history here.  If you could give-up something from your tour at CCK, we could add it to the displays.  This base will be here for a long time and many Taiwan military and civilians will walk through it's doors.  Please consider giving something for display in the United States CCK Museum. Email us for more information.

Looking out the Chapel door, you can see three buildings.
Here's the old Base Theater.  Its still in use.

Another view of the theater.

The old Base Education Office, vacant and run-down, with the Bus Stop still standing. 

The Base Bowling Alley.  It looks like its still in use.

We're heading down toward the old Navy Exchange, not sure what these buildings were. Probably something to do with the NEX.

Gene told me this was the Post Office

Here it is.  You spent a lot of money here.
The Navy Exchange (NEX)
Hard to recognize with all the large trees today.

All of these type of trees, which were planted everywhere, are all top heavy and leaning one direction or another.

The NEX parking lot at sunset.  Empty today, but back in your days, it was crowded.
Is this the old Library or Tape Center?
American Express Bank and Embassy Shop
Here's the new ROCAF CCK Museum.  It is very large, beautifully laid out and has many exhibits and historical photographs.
The parking lot in front of the museum contains this memorial and 3 or 4 static aircraft displays.
This and the photo above were taken inside the old Mess Hall facility.  Our tour group was served a wonderful meal at the conclusion of our CCK visit.
In addition to the circular spread of dishes, each of us was served a double deck of the main course meal.

Here's the main course. A wonderful meal!  After dinner we were served a fresh fruit plate.

When I was out in front of the Base Theater, which is just behind, I walked over to the road and took this photo looking east toward Taichung.

I'm guessing many of you drove onto the base by the back gate just down this street.  The old metal barracks are gone now, but the roads are the same.

I would have taken more photos of our old area,  BUT, time ran short, it got dark and our meal was on-hold.  Next visit, we can walk the streets and photograph all the old stuff for a later up-to-date CCK post.

Please, let us hear from you, just click on the remarks and leave your thoughts and memories.
We'll have more from the Grand Opening of the CCK US Museum in January 2011.

More photographs coming.  

UPDATED 30 December 2010 

The invitation to the Grand Opening Ceremonies of the new US Museum on CCK

Here is the translation of the above invitation.

So, here it is, the Invitation to the Opening Ceremonies of the new US CCK Museum.

This invitation calls it the American Footprint Museum at CCK AFB.  

It describes what the new museum is about.  I like it.

We will have photos and possibly a video update on the Opening Ceremonies, sometime after 12 January 2011.


Anonymous said...

Those pictures were great. Brought back alot of memories from my time there in 68-69. I posted the two videos of CCK on youtube earlier this year. They are to be included in the new museum when it's completed. It was interesting to see some of the buildings as they exist today. Is the airman's club still standing? I believe one of the buildings (picture 27) was the building that housed the tape dub library. It was located down the walkway behind the bowling alley and theater. Thanks for posting and look forward to seeing more.
Steve Rabb
youtube ID: devryxd

titojohn said...

Again, great stuff!!! Thanks!

Don said...

Great photos, Kent. I'm sure they'll mean a lot to the folks who were stationed at CCK back in the day.


P. S. said...

It appears that the CCK museum is on the base (behind the gate), is that correct? I would like to visit during my next trip to TaiZhong. I have some friends working on the base (due to my association with IDF Fighter program), but I am likely to want to wander around for hours at that kind of museum, would be nice to do it independently. Anyone have a suggestion?