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Saturday, December 18, 2010

American Footsteps in Taiwan - Video Presentation

Here are two 10 minute videos I took inside the exhibition on Thursday afternoon.

Many things had not been completed when I walked around the area. Last minute things probably took place until the folks closed the doors and went home for the evening on Thursday. The "Opening" with President Ma of Taiwan in attendance took place at 10:00 AM on Friday.

Please forgive me for my casual descriptions of what I believe I am looking at. I made a couple of mistakes nothing serious.

The focus on my small camera goes in and out. I am in the process of purchasing a "Video" camera. When I return to Taipei, my videos will hopefully be more clear.

We can be proud of the exhibit. It is 1st Class!

1st Video

2d Video removed for editing


Don said...

Thanks for taking the time to record and process these videos, Kent. AIT has done a good thing with this exhibition.

Anonymous said...

Nice exhibition, and good to see you in the vedio, Scott.

David Yang

titojohn said...

Thanks for the videos. Great stuff!

George said...

Thanks Kent, very good videos.