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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

English Newspapers in Taiwan

I love to read newspapers.

Every day I pull out NT $30. ($15. each) to purchase print editions of -


Every morning, both papers print 20 pages on older large size presses.  It takes awhile to read through each paper; you eyeball the headlines, cruise through the articles and then begin reading.     

The third Printed Edition newspaper in English is the -    
This morning I opened the TAIWAN NEWS site to find they had a new web page, really quite unique.  Listen closely or you'll miss the English introduction.  It's certainly different, and how about the music...
If you've never paid attention to the TAIWAN NEWS, here's an opportunity to Bookmark or add a Favorite to your computer.

The Stars and Stripes is not available in Taiwan.  But, it's just a click away on the computer.
Since we're talking about newspapers, you might have missed the.. PDF Edition of STARS and STRIPES.  Here's the link is to the Japan (Okinawa) Edition.

Happy reading.......

I have no relationship with any newspaper in Taiwan.

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paul tersteeg said...

remember time at ustdc 68 to 70. never met joe but the name was legendary, as he was regarded as an "old china hand". listened to his show dutifully, sometimes wheeling down jung shan pei loo towards the lights of the city. he died while I was there, and I recall that in the funeral procession, brass bands were a form of tribute, and though I did not participate, I did witness it from a distance. there were ten brass bands. I will never forget his voice on the radio, as he announced "this is the armed forces radio network (then with a pause for effect) --Taiwan--. the memory is burned in my brain.