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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

School Eyes Military Dorm "UPDATED"

Part of my daily routine these days in retirement mode is reading the Taipei Times and China Post Newspapers.  This morning I found an interesting short piece concerning "former US military dormitories on Yangmingshan."

I'm wondering what type of "dormitories" they are really writing about.

Could these be old barracks or are they referring to houses used by families.  

You can find the story  HERE,  it's the second article, titled:  EDUCATION.

I would like to call every one's attention to the new TAIPEI TIMES web site.  Take a look around when you're up there on the military barracks article.

Quite a change from their old site, and it appears that they've also upgraded their servers. 

No more long waits for one of their stories to load. 


In a "Comment"  left below, someone identified the area scheduled for renovation and eventual  housing for mainland students as area "F" on this map.  .   

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Anonymous said...


Cultural University wants to renovate the F-housing area and provide it to the mainland Chinese (Chicom) students to live in. What a slap in the face. Many local residence are protesting.