Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Mid 1960s Taipei Streets

Chungshan Road, driving north, just after crossing the railroad tracks east of Taipei Main Station, the summer of 1967. I purchased a beautiful marble fruit dish at a store on the left side of this bridge, one of the stores before the cross street ahead.

Can someone please help with the name of this cross street.

CAT Offices, everyone knows this street. Where is the Ambassador Hotel?

Does anyone recognize this photograph location? Could be on any street in Taiwan.

Photos courtesy of Ted Baxter. Ted was assigned to Army MAAG Taiwan and worked at the USTDC Comm Center.

Ted and his wife Judy were with the group of old Taiwan hands who visited Taiwan this past September on the American GI' Return to Taiwan in 2009 2 week visit.

More details of our trip and more old photos coming.


titojohn said...

The Ambassador Hotel is shown in the upper right corner of the photo. It was just up the road on the opposite side from the CAT building.


Victor said...

The second photo is the intersection of Chungshan(Zhongshan中山) N. Road and Chang-An(ZhangAn長安) E/W Road, just at the end of the bridge in the first photo. The building with the black signage, a police station, is still there today. The forth photo could be Bo-Ai(博愛) Road, according to the baker's(center) and the watch & eyeglasses store(left) in the photo.

JP said...

Victor's hypothesis for the 4th picture is right. The Mei-er-lian (美而廉) in the middle of it was a famous bakery and cafe. Its address was 114 Bo-Ai road.

Anonymous said...

Victor and JP both win the prize. Picture #4 was taken from the third floor of #81 P0 Ai Rd near Shimen Ding in dowtown Taipei. I remember the bakery had really tasty cream puffs. #81 was sold a few years ago and later torn down. In it's place was built a sales office and display model for condos or such. When we were back in 2009 with Kent the model was in the process of being torn down. When we returned a few days later there was only a bare lot. Ted