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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Into the Haze - Chungshan North Rd 1968

Their appears to be construction on-going on the right side of this photograph. I seem to remember this being some sort of night club or restaurant. I believe it was just south of the Green Garden Hotel.

Nice white Ford parked along the curb, not a common vehicle color during the 1960s.

The old days, park anywhere you wanted to....

What business occupies this site today?


Anonymous said...

The building's wall next to the construction reads 峰圃茶莊 (Fong Puu Tea Company) but in my knowledge this store is located at Chung-Qing S. Rd., so I googled and got its website.

Their website claims that they were registered at Chung-Ching S. Rd. since 1949 so this place might not be their address. However there's another result indicated that there are three Fong-Puus in Taipei and one of them is at Chung Shan N. Rd. I put the address on google maps and it's shown to be next to Taipei Fortuna Hotel, which is located in the south block of Green Garden Hotel.

Keep searching for Taipei Fortuna Hotel, the hotel was closed at June 30, 2007. Before 1983, it was originally called Central Hotel. A long-shot picture is here: (section "The Intersection of Chungshan North Road and Min Chuan East/West Road")

It looks like a really fancy hotel at that time....

sarj said...

Love all the photos thanks to all .