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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Help Launch the CCK Museum - Updated

CCK Main Gate - December 2008

Gene Hirte, whom I describe as the American Veteran's Goodwill Ambassador in Taiwan, recently visited CCK as an invited guest.

Accompanied by his lovely wife, they visited with the Wing Commander. During the visit, details of a new Museum project were described. Gene was asked if he might contact American folks who had served at the old base, CCK or in the Taichung area at any time and ask if they would contribute something to the new museum.

The museum will convey the times of the past using memorabilia and photographs of the days when our C-130s and KC-135s filled the concrete in central Taiwan.

Click HERE for more information and how to contact Gene Hirte.

Thank you for your help.
Update: Wednesday 17 Dec 2008: Ted Quarles of Florida, once assigned to CCK, is the first person to donate an article to the CCK Museum. Thank you Ted!

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