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Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Walk on a Cool Saturday Morning in Taipei Part 4

Just about to the end of the parking lot and we'll be stepping onto
the road that runs along the Keelung River.

A shot looking back from the parking lot looking south.

Three things in this picture stand out, a commercial aircraft on final approach to landing at Sungshan, a bird flying just to the right of the street light and you can see the top of the Shin Kong Life Tower,the 2d highest building in Taipei.

There is the entrance and exit from the parking lot. We'll just walk out and see what's outside.

I'm looking west now, toward the top of Chungshan North Road where the old Zoo was located.

Here's the gate I just walked out of. To the left is another gate which leads to a parking lot. This other parking lot is a "rest area" for taxi drivers. Notice the yellow taxis parked there.

Here is a better picture of the two gates.

I've walked up the street 40 or 50 yards and look back at the gate area.

I've walked farther up the street, I just about at the top at the intersection of Chungshan N. Road

I've reached the top and a final look back down the road toward the parking entrance gate and taxi park.

Looking toward the police station on Chungshan North Road. The bridge is under repair.

I turned around and took this shot

Another shot taken from about the same area, looking toward the Taipei Story House.

I turn right again and took this photo, looking south down Chungshan N. Road

The Museum

The entrance to the Children's area of the Taipei Story House

Another shot, notice the tower in the distance. Give you some better bearings maybe.

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TAlive said...

Just a morning walk n U've got such a handful sights to share.. Cool! :-)

Nice pics & read!