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Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Walk on a Cool Saturday Morning in Taipei Part 3

This is an old old photograph. That's a 50 something Blue Oldsmobile. If you look up the street it looks like it's the old Zoo area with the large street advertising signs. If that's true, this photo was taken just north of the gates into the HSA East and West Compounds. Can anyone date this picture? Update 21 June 2008: Al Nip writes, The Chinese characters say, " “55th Year Celebration of the Republic of China”

This is early spring, the trees are budding. You can see the Archway just up Chungshan N. Road. This photo was taken just outside the HSA West Compound probably in the late 60's early 70's. Just up this side of the street would have been the MAAG Officer's Open Mess. It looks like the building just past that red post on the left side of this photo. Anyone have more information?

I walked back out to the street. Most of the walkers were gone. What an appropriate statue for walking on a cool Saturday morning.

We talked about the MAAG Officer's Open Mess a minute ago. This photo was donated by a friend. This is his mother standing outside probably on a Sunday Morning. This picture was taken in the 1950's.

After I came out the gate from nosing around the Walk Stage Area, I turned to my left and proceeded up the sidewalk toward the Keelung River. After walking under the large tree covered sidewalk for about 200 yards, I came to Jiuquan street. There was a traffic signal light there, so I decided to cross Chungshan North Road and walk into the grass area of Fine Arts park. This picture was taken just as I stepped on the park grass area. I'm now back on the east side of Chungshan North Road and this ground was about where the farthest end of the Chinese Hostel which fronted Chungshan North Road stood. Many of us resided in that Hostel at one time or another during our time in Taipei.

I turned south to take this picture, looking back toward the old book store area.

I got on the sidewalk and walked toward the Fine Arts Museum.

Closer to the Museum

Closer still. I was looking around for a rest room. I had a pit stop at Starbucks an hour or so ago and the coffee had run through my system. I spotted a few rental rest rooms on the edge of the Fine Arts Museum parking lot. I walked over and got in line. Struck up a conversation with a group of high school girls who were eager to speak English.

I moved on to discover the Museum was not open yet.

Most of us have seen a lot of art works depicting the Chinese Horse. Here is that art work in the real thing. No one was around the area at this early hour but me. How many children have sat in this horse saddle and been absolutely thrilled. What a piece of art and so functional....

This is the rear of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. It's a beautiful building.

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Joe Chang said...

Hello Sir, that photo was taken in Nov. 1966, your friend's Chinese isn't very says the 100th birthday of Dr. Sun Yatsan (he was born in 1866).