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Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Walk on a Cool Saturday Morning in Taipei Part 2

A shot of St. Christopher's Church.

The Cosmos Club and the last block before we reach the HSA Compound. We are looking east on Chungshan North Road.

Up toward the HSA Compound, look closely through the trees and you can see the old HSA East Compound area.

We've arrived. The corner of Minzu East Road and Chungshan North Road, looking east.
Notice the 7-11 Store on the corner in the right of this picture.

These 2 fellows have come out from the 1960's Linkou Club which was located just south of the HSA East Compound fence. They are crossing what is now Minzu East Road.
If you were in Taipei in the 60's you will recognize this picture. If you continue to walk down the street with these 2 men, you walk past St. Christopher's Church on the left and into the Bar district area couple of blocks or so down Chungshan North Road.

I left Taipei in 1968 and this location of the Linkou Club was not yet built.

Another shot of the Linkou Club.

Don't know the year of this picture. This is Minzu East Road looking toward the Linkou Club. The green side of the Linkou Club building is different that the beige/light brown color in the photograph above. The vacant lot you see before the Linkou Club is the 7-11 store in the next photograph.

What a change.

Looks like the old 4 or 5 story building that sat next to the Linkou Club might still be standing. Can't really tell.

Another photo of this corner.

The same corner from across the street, but we see the old HSA East Compound area

Here is it! The old gate area of the entrance to the HSA East Compound.

I walked a few yards north on the sidewalk and came to the old HSA West Compound Gate area Today it is an entrance to the Taipei Football Stadium.
I walked in to see what was going on. I came upon the Walking Festival stage area.
The walkers had just departed and only the booths selling merchandise were occupied.

Looks like many countries were involved. If I lived in Taipei, I would take the walk. A good place to practice my Chinese and make new friends. I plan to spend some time in Taipei when I retire.

Back out to Chungshan North Road.

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