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Monday, December 7, 2015

1956 MAAG Taiwan Telephone Directory

Patrick Gannon, a son of former US MAAG Taiwan,  Army Captain,  Thomas F. Gannon, Jr.,  recently came across a very interesting and valuable document in this father's papers.
The yellowed pages attest to it's age, just shy of 60 years.

Lots of information can be found inside the directory.

For instance, MAAG Team locations, how MAAG was broken down into the various military specialties who trained and worked with the Taiwan Military.

Most of the "US MAAG Personnel" were older men, well versed in their specialties.  These knowledgeable Officers and NCO's helped teach and train Taiwan Military personnel in the use of weapons and weapon systems throughout all branches and specialties of the Taiwan Military.

Below, the Telephone Directory Cover.

In 1999, Patrick Gannon met President Lee Teng-Hui while leading a business group to Taiwan.

The directory is divided into a unit and office listing which is followed  with an alphabetical  listing of personnel assigned to US MAAG Taiwan at the time.

The document is very large and is broken down into 2 sections.

If you would like a copy of this document, please Email us, we'll send it right out.

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