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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving in Taipei - 2015

Friends from the Taichung area had invited us to have dinner with them in Taichung today.

We decided to pass on the dinner invitation and have lunch here in Taipei.

Earlier this week, I was searching through my computer for something on past Thanksgivings in Taiwan.

I came upon this old China News paper from 1952.  I hope you enjoy reading the local news from those days, its been 63 years since my friend, Alice Winans put this news article away for safe keeping.

Alice passed in 2011.  She shared a lot of information about her sojourn in the Taipei area during the early 1950s. 

Here is page 2 of the China News newspaper from 26 November 1952. Click on the paper.
During the early 1950s, the most popular "non-US" facility  US personnel frequented was a club, described as being owned by Madam Chiang, called the Friend's of China Club, FOC. It was a membership club, I have never seen their rules and regulations, but suspect it was frequented by high ranking military and civilians, who worked in the surrounding area.
The FOC Club was a block or so from the HQ MAAG Building and the Union Building, these two building are gone, a grassy area is all that remains.
The FOC building is still standing, although no longer a club.
The page above has a number of interesting writings..
Please note the "Thanksgiving Ad" for the FOC Club.
What strikes me most is the "DANCE 8 p.m. to 12 p.m." line in the ad. 
Dancing was still a "big deal" in those days.....
Moving on... it's Thanksgiving day, 26 November 2015...
We decided to have the Luncheon Buffet at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.
I didn't eat breakfast, just a couple of cups of coffee at this house.
We took a cab into the Taipei 101 area.  The Grand Hyatt is on the left side of Taipei 101 on the opposite end of the street.
I was expecting to find a giant Christmas Tree in the main lobby.
Only saw some Christmas decorations hanging on the walls of the main lobby area.
We walked back toward the Café.  We've eaten here many times during the past 5 years.
Entrance door at the Grand Hyatt "Café." 
They had a small Christmas tree just outside the door, so all is not lost.
We hadn't visited the hotel for about a year.  Sometime during that time, this restaurant was remodeled.  They did a good job, very nice!
After being seated, I headed straight for the "Thanksgiving Turkey" cutting board. 


A chef was slicing and here is the turkey he placed on my plate. 
Oh my, look at those huge baked tomatoes!  I love baked tomatoes......
I was so anxious to have the chef place one of those tomatoes on my plate that I overlooked those yummy looking Brussels Sprouts.


My first plate...

Baked turkey, baked potato, gravy, baked tomato, tossed salad, cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms in sauce toped with pumpkin seeds and red bell pepper, and an ice tea.

I enjoy mixing food together, it was very good.

After a few minutes, it was gone, and I headed out to the slicing table for something else.


Second plate, sliced beef with mushroom sauce, 2 types of cabbage, another favorite, cooked beets, another baked tomato and a large, slice your own, rye bread with tomato butter...  It was good!


After finishing off my second dinner place, I couldn't pass up the dessert area. 
I held it down to 3 or 4 items, very tasty they were!
End lunch with a cup of hot coffee.
Thanksgiving, yes.
 I thank God for the blessing he has bestowed upon me and my family.
I hope your Thanksgiving is blessed and joyful with your family and friends.


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