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Friday, November 22, 2013

MAAG Joint Flight Operations at Sung Shan Air Base - UPDATED

I recently received an Email from a woman whose father was stationed at Sung Shan AB during 1972-1974. 

She is very interested finding anyone who may have known her father, Henry Roland Carman, who was called,  "Jersey."

Henry worked at Sung Shan AB in MAAG Flight Operations Section.  She is not absolutely sure what his job was. 
Henry was killed in an automobile accident in Taipei, in 1974.

Click on the photo for a larger view.

This is really an extraordinary piece of art!
Take a real close look, there's lots of interesting stuff to be found in the drawing. 

Henry is pouring liquid on the left inside engine of the USTDC C-54 aircraft.

You would assume, these were the men assigned to Flight Ops during 72-73.

Here's a photo of Henry circa 1970s, during his assignment in Taiwan.
Perhaps someone remembers Henry, or for that matter, another Airman in the drawing/photos above, please write to us.

UPDATE - 25 November 2013

A reader of this blog who knew Henry Emailed us after reading the story above.

We forwarded the Email to Henry's daughter.

Good things happen!



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R. Carman-Winston said...

Thank you for posting these two photos Kent!