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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Include Taiwan in RIMPAC 2014 - UPDATED

In this morning's Taipei Times newspaper, a front page story reports that a formal letter has been sent from a number of congressmen to US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel asking that Taiwan be invited the the 2014 RIMPAC Exercise.

Here's the newspaper article.

And, Here's a link to RIMPAC.

LASTLY, a copy of the correspondence sent to Secretary Hagel.

This is hopefully a start to a stronger relationship with the citizens and military of Taiwan.

UPDATE - 9 November 2013

Admiral Locklear, Commander,  U.S. Pacific Command, talks around Taiwan and RIMPAC.

Read the Taipei Times newspaper article HERE.

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titojohn said...

Having participated and assisted in planning many RIMPAC exercises back in the day, I think this request for Taiwan forces participation would be beneficial to all. But, political realities being what they are, I don't hold out much hope that Taiwan forces will be asked to join RIMPAC.