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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Missing Your Taiwan Jacket?

Received a note this morning from Warren Litsinger: 


Recently, at a yard sale in New Mexico, I found a reversible jacket, velvet on one side and silk on the other, embroidered on the velvet side with dragons and crossed American and Taiwanese flags, with an embroidered map of Taiwan, with the following embroidered words: 2165 COMM, 62 TAIPEI 64, and the name "Blair," in quotes, on the breast panel. 

This item seems to have been made in Taiwan for a service member stationed in Taipei during the years 1962 to 1964. 

I was unable to find anyone with either the first or last name of Blair on your listings, but would like to know if this description jogs anyone's memory. 

 I would love to find the owner of this jacket or his relatives so that I can return the item to them if it would be desired. I will be happy to mail the item to the owner free of charge. 

My father was in the Army Air Corps in WW2 and I know how important service memorabilia are to those who have served. 

Thank you, 

Warren Litsinger 
Silver City, NM

Anyone with any information can write to us and we will get you in contact with Warren.

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