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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Salute to a Fallen Brother

On the road in Atlanta.

A scene opened outside my waiting room window at the Atlanta Airport, Friday morning.

Watching the goings-on surrounding the Delta Airbus which had just landed, I saw a soldier walk around the nose of the aircraft.  He spoke to some of the ground crew and then walked over to the position seen in this photo.

Things came of a stop in this small area as a flag draped casket nosed its way out of the aircraft and was lowered.

The attending soldier stood at attention and saluted during the movement from the aircraft to the carrier.

It was an honor to watch as everyone involved showed respect and honor to our fallen brother.

During this time, just below my vantage point window, the Delta Airlines pilots who had flown the aircraft from Honolulu, stood at attention, the tops of their black hats can be seem just at the bottom right of the above photo.

After the casket was placed into the transport, the two pilots, walked to the side, where the attending soldier stood and spoke with him and the workers. 

The folks at Delta in Atlanta are professionals.

So many thoughts ran through my mind as I thought about this scene.

Who was this fallen soldier, where is his home, who are his parents, was he married, did he have children? 

It occured to me, the soldier accompying this fallen brother, has a great responsibility, which he will forever remember.

SALUTE to our brother and to all those helping along the way to his final resting place.

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