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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The US Marine Corps Celebrates a Birthday in Taipei - 48 Years Ago

Ed Boyce recently mailed me a number of old photographs taken during his assignment in Taipei.

 Ed worked at APO 96263.  The APO building was just inside the HSA East Compound.

 APO 96263 is painted in white letters below the roof line above in the photo above.

Ed was friends with John Gamble, a Marine, assigned to the Marine Security Guard Detachment at the US Embassy in Taipei.

Of all the US military services, the Marine Corps is probably most known for their birthday celebrations.  Those times of merriment usually turned-out to be a big parties with lots of goings-on, and, for most of the attendees, a huge hang-over the next day. 

One wonders, with alcohol no longer featured in official functions, how popular are the birthday celebrations today?

Each of the Marine Guards at the embassy was given a number of invitations to the celebration and John Gamble, gave Ed an invitation.

The invitation to the Taipei celebration on Wednesday, 10 November 1965, just below.

The invitation to the "official" reception at the Chinese Armed Forces Club.

I'm not sure where that club was located.  

I have photos of two clubs, currently in operation in the vicinity of the the Presidential Palace, or the "MND Building" as we once referred to it as.

There are a lot more Taiwan Military Clubs scattered around the city.

Unfortunately, those photos are in my Taipei computer.

I located one of the buildings, on Google Earth.  This club is located on Yanping South Road.

Click on the photo to get a larger view of the location of the club pictured above.

It is located in back of the Presidential Palace.  

The Armed Forces Museum is just around the corner from the club, just a half block from the old shopping area in Shimen.

OK.  We've celebrated the Marine Corps Birthday at the Chinese Armed Forces club,

 and now....

the Other invitation...

Tucked away inside the invitation envelope, a ticket to the "Real" celebration.

You know what I mean.

This one is being held at the Fleet Reserve Association Club.

2100 hours to 0200 hours....

Dining, dancing and one heck of a party!

Ed wrote, "The Marine Corps Birthday celebration was one of the most memorable events of my days in Taipei.  
It was the only time while I was in the USAF that I wore the formal uniform."

I suspect sun rise on Veteran's Day, 11 November sent many of the folks home to bed, happy to have a holiday to savor, and to recover from the great party at the Fleet Reserve Association.

I'm sure there were many memorable times you experienced in Taiwan.

Those were the days my friend.

Have you got a story, some photos maybe?

In case you missed a previous blog post on the US Marine Corps Security Guard Detachment at our embassy in Taipei, 

you'll want to read  this story.

You may want to reacquaint yourself with the Fleet Reserve Association club.

Here is a link to my investigation of the location of the old Fleet Reserve Association club, later the Sea Dragon Club / R&R Center.

Tsi Gen 

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