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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sea Dragon R&R Center - Revisted

You can get a good idea of where things were "back in the day" on this Google Earth Map.

Be sure to double click on the map & pictures to get the super size view!

John Crum found this map in the "Guide to Taipei Booklet" which points out the approximate location of the Sea Dragon R&R Center, circa 1967. This map locates the club on the right side of Chung Shan North Road a few hundred yards south of the gate coming out of the HSA West Compound.

This area is also in one of the old "Bar" location maps on the Shu Linkou Air Station web site.

Yesterday, I took my Canon Power Shot camera and recorded 3 video pieces of the area I believe, the old Fleet Reserve Association Club and Sea Dragon R&R Center, once stood.

Many thanks to all who have written regarding the old R&R Center. I think we have put this mystery to bed.

Here are the links to the video I took in what has to be the old club area.

Pin pointing the exact location may be impossible until someone sends in a photo showing the club in relationship to Chung Shan North Road.

Crank-up your audio level to full-blast if you want to hear my thoughts as I walk through these videos. Also if you have the download speed, open up the window all the way, it's a much better view of the areas.

Video 1 begins along the sidewalk on Chung Shan North Road walking south toward Taipei Air Station next to a Tatung University building.

Video 2 starts from the old club area, moves a block south to the probable location of the old gasoline station.

Video 3 picks up around the old gas station area across the street from Florida Bakery and proceeds to Min Quan West Road - My video card filled-up as I crossed Min Quan Road and the film abruptly stops.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to solving this mystery. Not many of us frequented this club, in the early days it was kind of a hang-out for the ex-pats, mostly retired military living in Taipei, older guys for the most part. Then it changed to the R&R Club and those folks on R&R pretty much had the place to themselves.

I hope you will send in more photographs of the old clubs, I will update the blog as more information arrives.


Anonymous said...

Kent -
Thanks a million for taking the time to show us about Taipei and the possible location of the Sea Dragon Club. It is nice to bring back fond memories of our younger days in Taiwan

titojohn said...


I'm pretty sure you have the location nailed pretty good. To the best of my recollection the building was located where the condo type looking structure is presently located. I kind of remember that 90 degree turn that was to the rear of where the club was located. My recollection is that there was a small parking area where the playgroud is now. One could go to the club in a taxi entering from Chung Shan N. Rd. & exit in a taxi taking the alley towards the gas station. I think it was all one-way in and out, as the alleyways were very narrow. Thanks for taking the time to get the video.
Mahalo, John

Sarj Bloom said...

Awesome Kent! What a great video #1. that is the alley to the old Navy Club or the FRA. tito is right too. After you turned right into the alley and after the first high rise apartments in our day there was nothing else to the left except a big parking lot and the Navy Club. As I recall the Navy Club sat at the far end of the parking lot and came out into it aways. If you parked in the center of the lot you would see the backs of three buildings and to the right the Navy Club jutted out from the back of the fouth building. One of these days I'll try to draw something up to show the area as I remember it. Your video and walk and talk is priceless to us who have fond memories or thsoe days. You have blessed me to no end.