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Friday, April 19, 2013

Which One

I was browsing through Michael Turton's Blog, The View From Taiwan, and came across these two photos in his Kenting biking post.

"I took a spin across the tiny peninsula on the west side of Kenting to the fishing port of Shanhai, where I always stop for lunch."

Michael Turton, having  "Lunch in Jialeshui at Jessie Hong's place. Great food, great owner."

During Michael's biking trip in the Kenting area, he stopped for lunch at these two venues among others on his trip.

Neither are 4 star restaurants, however, both meals appeal me.

The noodles look scrumptious, lots of veggies and I'm guessing wonderful tasting sauce,  ummm 

A cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and pickles, a scoop of fries and a cold glass of ice tea also makes my mouth water.  That burger on the plate above, is the style I grew up with in south Texas.  I'm thinking of a Whataburger... 

You'll want to see Michael's full trip report, click on The View from Taiwan, HERE

OK, which one on the dishes for your lunch?   

I choose the cheeseburger, fries and sweet ice tea. Did you notice that tall glass dispenser of sugar next to the ketchup and hot sauce. 

Why,?  Because there aren't that many places that serve a really good burger. I eat local food everyday in Taiwan, a change of pace burger just hits the spot with a little euphoria to top off the meal.

How about you - which one?

Good fun, good food, wonderful Taiwan.


titojohn said...

I'll go for the burger too!

Michael Turton said...

Jessie at Summer Point makes an awesome burger.

...but I love sashimi more.