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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chiayi Air Base Little League Baseball 1966-67

Bruce Rushing contacted me this week asking to have his Dad added to the Taiwan Roster.

Bruce said his Dad was assigned to Supply at Chiayi Air Base.

Chiayi is one of the bases we hear little of.  The USAF assets at Chiayi were closed in 1968, a short time after the Rushing family returned to CONUS.

Here is the Chiayi Supply Baseball Team of 1967-68.

Bruce's Dad was an assistant coach, he is standing on the left, wearing a Polo shirt.

Does anyone recognize the baseball field?

If I had to guess, I would say the photo was at Tainan AB. 

You can just barely see the water tower with bamboo scaffolding in the upper right hand corner.

Also the low, 1 story buildings on the other side of the fence, remind me of Tainan AB.

Please leave your guess below in the Comments.


Could there be someone reading this, that is in this photo.

We have so little on Chiayi, please send in your thoughts of that base, and what you did.

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