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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Grand Hotel 1963

More Beautiful photographs from Ben Hilmes.  All were taken in 1962-1963.

The Grand Hotel was built on Yuanshan Mountain, in the area of the ruins of the Shinto Taiwan Grand Shrine which was built during the Japanese rule of Taiwan.

The hotel was established in May 1952. 

Children's Park, seen on the bottom of this photo, sat along the south bank of the Keelung River.

 Further,  across the river, sit the larger buildings of The Grand Hotel, circa 1963.

Later in the 1960s, the Ambassador Hotel on Chung Shan North Road was constructed.

New and modern, the Ambassador became a favorite of many travelers.

As you look at the river photo of the Grand Hotel, A "Martyrs Memorial" is located in the green trees below the hotel, on the right side of the photo.

On the right in this photo, you see the base of a large stone monument.  There are other monument stones on the right and behind the photographer.

A stairway to this area begins along Chung Shan North Road, just after crossing the river.

The building above is the largest structure on the Memorial site.

I have walked up the steps to this area a number of times during the past three years. 

The area is seldom visited today.  During my visits, I have never seen anyone else in the area.  

Some of the stone monuments have started to decay from age and weather. 

The building has been maintained, which leads me to believe that some type of ceremonies must be conducted at the structure and in this area at times.

In this area (today 2012), just off to the left, is an old "pill box" in disrepair    

Another view of the building.

As you walked up the stairs in the Martyrs Memorial area you came upon a gate.  It was not an automobile gate.

Behind that red gate above, to the left of the car, was the hotel swimming pool,  recreation and entertainment facilities.


I believe the swimming pool was located just behind the photographer.

Today, this is the rear entrance which leads downward to the main hotel building.

 Little or nothing has changed in the past 50 years to this area of the hotel.

  This door could have been the main entrance in 1963, I'm not sure.


These large rooms with outside patio type porches were located off to the right side of the previous photo.   Circa 1963 rooms.

This area of the hotel was badly damaged during an earth quake a few years ago, and I believe it is still undergoing renovation.

I have a few more earlier photos from the Grand Hotel, sent to me by Alice Winans.

Alice was in Taipei 1952-1953.  Her photos provide scenes of the hotel as it first opened. 

I'll have Alice's photos up soon. 

The above photos courtesy of Ben Hilmes.

Ben sent many more photos taken during his time in Taiwan. We'll post those soon also.

Thank you Ben for sharing your beautiful photos with all of us.  



Chuck Adkins said...

I think there was a Mongolian Barbecue directly across the street from the Grand Hotel. Visited it a couple times in 1964.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it the Riverside BBQ and
across from the 63 Club?

Anonymous said...

I think you are correct.

Clara Bow said...

Just found a collection of slides left by my Dad who was a regular business visitor in the 60's and 70's. Thank you for putting them in context and providing some information about them.