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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Unexpected Poster Child - UPDATED

Photo from Alice Winans circa 1952-1953

The file name of this photo was "Baby Carriage."

After translating the sign on the pole just above her, I realized that the photo fit the sign.

During Chiang Kai-shek's life time, the island was plastered with signs of all sorts. Some of those signs have shown up in photos on this blog.

Many of the signs spoke about the Russian and Chinese Communist regimes.

Here, the sign talks about having babies, building the population to make Taiwan strong.

With a strong population and military, it was Chiang's determination to re-take CHINA...

After Chiang's death, the signs soon disappeared.

The baby in this photo would be 60 years old today.
UPDATE  - 9 January 2014
Photo rotated to allow Chinese charters to be read.

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Anonymous said...

The slide needed to be flipped horizontally to recognize the sign.

It says " Protect the country, resist the invasion of Communist's regime"