Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Taipei Air Station in Transition

I came across these old photographs this afternoon, it's been awhile since I really took a close look at them.

This old black and white photo captured just about all of the old and new buildings, we were all familiar with.

If you look closely, you can see the beginnings of the Keelung Overhead Expressway being cleared, look just this side of the old Cotton Building or the 2165th Communications Squadron (Group).

The old mess hall and barracks, the swimming pool, post office, dispensary and dental clinic and other building were still standing.  I'm not sure if they were still being used when this photo was taken.

Don't know when the remaining "old" buildings were removed, anyone remember about when?

If you look closely, there are a number of tall palm trees standing just to the right and above the swimming pool.  I believe some of these trees are still standing today.

Click on these photos and they will open in larger sizes. 

What's left today?  
Take a look at the 4 videos below. 

What you see on the films is all that is left of Taipei Air Station.

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新聞老鳥 said...

In photo 2, lower left corner stands the famous Gong Kuang Circle(公館圓環).

This photo must be taken before 1970 because in early 1970's Taipei Municipal Government built a north-south underpass tunnel under the circle. The underpass tunnel is still working now.

About a hundred meters to the northeast of the circle, there's an L-shape 3-story building with a porch. It's Ministry of Interior Affairs office(內政部). In early 1990's, Minister of Interior office moved to its current location and returned this building to National Taiwan University.

At southeast corner of the circle, we can see a cube-like 3-story gray building. It's a police precinct office. It was demolished about three years ago and was supposed to build a high-rise police office. But due to unknow reason it still remains in a balloon promise situation. At least, half years go when I passed by Gong Kuang Circle, that place is still full of grass.

A large area covers almost half of this photo, cornered by Keelung Road and Rooservelt Road, including Taipei Air Station , belongs to National Taiwan University.

From 1949 to early 1990's, Ministry of Defense leased this area from National Taiwan University for more than four decades.

After early 1990's, Taiwan was released from Martial Law and the Military gave this large piece of land back to Taiwan University.

Excellent photos in high resolution keep Taipei history alive.

Wang Chun