Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Revisiting Taipei Main Station Area

Clarence Spohn, who was stationed at CCK, sent me a group of photographs he took while visiting Taipei in April or May of 1969.  

Taipei Main Station at the far end of this photograph.

Taken from the steps of Taipei New Park Museum.  

Read more about the park and it's new name HERE.


The same photo composition today.


Taipei Main Station as it looked in 1969. 
If you lived in Taipei, you passed by the station often.

This road was one of the main streets we took to the US Embassy, to Ximending movie houses and shopping, the First Department Store, The Sugar Building, Haggler's Row.

Taken from a walkway overpass looking east.

Taipei Main Station is directly to the left of the fountain on the left.

The NEW Taipei Main Station was constructed east of the old station.

Most of the buildings you see on the left side of this photo are gone.

Looking west from the overpass.

In the center far end is the old North Gate.

Just behind the gate begins Hagglers Row.
If you would like, I took a video last year that walks by the gate and post office, look HERE.

The old post office about 6 stories high is the last building on the left side of this street.

All of the buildings you see on the right of this photo are gone today.

Taken from the overpass just before the North Gate.

The old Taipei Post Office is just to the left, unseen in this photo.

North Gate and some of the business shops and the north end of Haggler's Row.

The old shops at the left are gone today.


titojohn said...

These photos are great, and bring back many fond memories.
John Quinn

Philip Chen said...

Wah~ These are rare & precious photos, I am a Taiwanese, I am impressed and recall many of those were the days. Thank you very much!

Poagao said...

The buildings just in front of the North Gate on the right side of that photo are actually still there, though decrepit.

dulerong5 said...

Thank you very much for posting these photos, I am Taiwanese and although I was born in 1987 and can't really relate to anything in the photos, I'm still glad to see the evolution of my city, and the power of passage of time.

Like what Leonardo Dicaprio said in the movie "Gangs of New York", eventually time will sweep all of us under the rug and it'll be like we've never existed.

I really enjoy studying modern Taiwanese history.
These photos really mean a lot to me, thank you again.