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Monday, May 30, 2011

Required Reading for the House and Senate Members?

I ran across the article below on the Taipei Times newspaper web site. It was published last Thursday. 

The writer, Gerrit Van der Wees, was a guest on a Voice of America (VOA) program.   If I understand correctly, folks in China can tune-in to VOA  programs. They must be watching the programs on their computers, and calling-in to VOA with Skype or something similar. 

The article, "Chinese views on Taiwan's elections" can be found HERE.

You can watch a video of the VOA program, in Chinese,  HERE

It's obvious we've not heard from the folks who occupy the apartments and village homes in China before. 

It seems we only read or hear what Beijing wants us to believe.

Our independent and network news organizations have done little, if any, of their homework on reporting how the average citizen in China really feels about Taiwan, it's people and government...

The article was a fresh breath of sweet air in a field of spring flowers.

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