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Saturday, May 7, 2011

DOD Schools in Taiwan

Happy Days again for the children!  And today, here in Taiwan, Happy Mother's Day....

School soon ends, seniors graduate and the rest of the kids are out for the summer. (If they're not stuck in a year round school.)
I recently came across a list of "DOD Schools" in Taiwan.

A couple of schools I was not aware of.  

Ping Tung had a DOD School.  
Tainan had two schools.

Claire Chennault School in Ping Tung DOD  A wonderfully appropriate school name - READ HERE
Stephen B. Luce ES/HS in Tsoying DOD
Tainan American ES in Tainan DOD
Jonathan Wainwright ES/HS in Tainan DOD
George Washington School in Chiayi DOD

Most of the assignments to Taiwan were accompanied tours.   Many of our children were enrolled in school here.  I can only imagine what memories they carry with them today, but I would guess, many would say words to the effect, " those were wonderful days, my house, my school, my days in Taiwan...." 

Can you write up a little something about your school days in Taiwan, your feeling about those times....  What did those days leave in your heart and mind..

There are many who read this blog who would like to meet up again with friends or others who once sat in one of the desks in our Taiwan DOD Schools.
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Anonymous said...

Still looking for my friend Diana Fike from 3rd grade 1968 Stephen B. Luce School I am Christy Veasey
This is also my maiden name.

Sherrie said...

My dad, was stationed at the base in Ping Tung back in about 1960. My sister and I both attended the school there. It was one room with grades 1-7. Our teacher our last year was a Mr. Hall and he had twin daughters (Deanna and Deinna sic?) We went there for two years and were part of the last class held there. There were no longer any dependents living there when we left, we were pretty much the last ones.

I do remember those years in Taiwan as a time of adventure and discovery. We both have lots of memories of that country and that school. I wonder where those children ended up all these years later.

Sherron Thompson.

Rory O'Neil said...

There are a number of Facebook groups established for alumni who attended schools in Taiwan back in the day. The main group for the Taipei area is Taipei American School Classes of the 1970s (all years are covered here, and you can link out from here).

Frances Stout Rae said...

Frances Stout Rae

I attended both Chennault School in Pingtung (1959/60) and Jonathan Wainwright HS in Tainan (1960/61). Chennault was one room, one teacher grades 1-8. There were 2 other 8th graders besides me. Wainwright HS was in the Teen Center/skating rink with partitions set up to make classrooms. It connected to the bowling alley and during science class we could hear the bowling balls rolling down the alleys. We ate lunch at the Magambo Club. It was an hour and a half ride each way to get from Pingtung to Tainan for school each day. We had a driver who was in the Chinese AF who drove us and waited all day for us. My best friend lived in Chiayi and also travelled to Tainan every day with her driver. Our two drivers visited every day while waiting for school to end. If we wanted to visit each other on weekends we took a suitcase to school on Friday and went back to our own home on Monday after school. Needless to say, high school in the states when we returned was rather dull!

beadgypsie said...

Frances Stout Rae, I was there then and your sister Carol? And Brother went to school with me at Chennault.