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Sunday, January 2, 2011

CCK Museum Needs Unit Patches

The ROCAF office in charge of the new American Footprint Museum at CCK AFB has asked if we could provide copies or original patches of the units assigned at CCK..

They were looking for any of the 6217th patches when they called today.   
I Googled the 6217th USAF Hospital and found a copy of the Hospital Patch on a web page from a guy who was at CCK and worked at the hospital.  
Unfortunately, it is not a sharp photo and cannot be blown large enough for display.

This is the largest I could get without it running into fading out unrecognizable colors.

I think the bottom says Penduwm Curage?  Obviously not the right spelling....

Can someone please clarify the wording on this Hospital patch.

If you have any old patches or emblems from CCK, we need 1 from every US Military Unit at CCK from the 1950s when the base opened until we left.  They will be displayed in the new museum.

Please email me if you have anything, or can help us.

Thanks much...

UPDATED - 8 January 2011 

2 folks wrote in with the same wording for the bottom of the patch.  Their reading of the patch is:  
                                               Penicillium Curare       

penicillium  (ˌpɛnɪˈsɪlɪəm)
n  , pl -cilliums , -cillia

any ascomycetous saprotrophic fungus of the genus Penicillium,  which commonly grow as a green or blue mould on stale food: some species are used in cheese-making and others as a source of penicillin

Main Entry: cu·ra·re 

Function: noun
: a dried product in water especially of a tropical American vine used to poison arrow tips and in medicine to relax muscles


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