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Thursday, January 27, 2011

CCK American Footsteps Museum Videos

My friend Gene brought these videos to my attention.  They were taken at the new CCK American Footsteps Museum. 

I'm also adding a video of the old Water Plant showing Ted Quarles heading over to see the old buildings and water holding facilities, which, in the day, provided clean, pure water for all of the base. Ted ran the facility at one time.

The ROCAF folks at CCK did an outstanding job of presenting the base as it was when we were there.  You will notice a great assortment of items, photographs, documents and other paraphernalia that came from near and far.

One of the stops on our "Return to Taiwan Tour" next November, will be at CCK, including a visit to this museum.

Here are the 3 videos.  

For more information about CCK Air Base and Taichung, visit the CCK Air Base Taichung  Facebook page.  They carry lots of photos and videos about CCK and Taichung.

The three videos..


Audrey Deng said...

Dear Sirs,

It's glad to see " CCK American Footsteps Museum " has been open already and looks very great.

I am a native Taiwanese and live in Taiwan. Can I visit this museum with my Taiwanese friend?

Is it open for the Taiwanese visitors?

What days and what time are available for visitation?

Should I need any ID certificate for entering there?

Looking forward to hearing from you A.S.A.P.


Audrey Deng

Anonymous said...

I saw your request about visting the Museum at CCK e-mail me at

Audrey Deng said...

Dear Anonymous,

May I herewith remind you of my e-mail dated Jan. 31, 2011?

It's been one week long, but regarding my question, not hear from you yet.

Would you please reply to me A.S.A.P.if you've received my mail?


Audrey Deng