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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CCK Finance Office Trooper Needs Help

I received a note from Richard Reesh.  Richard was assigned at Taipei Air Station from 1966 to 1967, reassigned to CCK in January 1967 and returned to CONUS in August 1967.

Richard worked in the Finance Office at Taipei AS and CCK.

One of his duties at CCK was to fly back and forth to RVN to deliver pay checks to CCK folks who were in-country on TDY from CCK.

There was a “saying” I remember from the 1960’s.  We were young, broke most of the time and  when we were lined up to cash our paychecks, you would often hear someone in the line mouth off,  “Time for the Eagle to crap.” I guess the old sayings faded as direct deposits came in.

Richard wasn’t an eagle, but he and his buddies delivered the goods in the form of a government pay check every payday, and they flew over from CCK every time.

Richard told me he had no priority on any flight to RVN,  he was just like everyone else, sit at Base Ops and wait for a C-130 heading for RVN and hope you could get on.  When you arrived in country, find something going your way and jump on.

What a life we lived back in those days, and most of us would probably do it again if given the chance...  I would.

Richard is stuck in a typical government “got cha” predicament

He has filed a VA Claim and they have asked for proof of his duty in RVN.

No problem if you were in RVN on PCS orders, but if you flew in and out on constant TDY orders nothing showed up in your personnel files, TDY was never recorded any place in your records.  You had to file a Travel Voucher on each trip to recover what ever you could for your trip, but those were temporary records that got destroyed after a short period.  And who of us kept a travel voucher?  We got a few dollars and change and threw the payment voucher in the drawer only to throw them away when we PCS’d. 

Richard is in a bind. 

His military records at St. Louis have nothing on any TDYs from CCK to RVN.  His pay records cannot be located. He has nothing in his personal files to prove the TDYs.  What do you do?

The VA told him if he could find someone who was stationed at CCK who knows of his TDYs to RVN, they would accept an affidavit attesting to his travel to RVN delivering pay checks.

Richard was at CCK from January to July 1967.  He remembers these men in the CCK Finance Office who worked with him, Tony, Alan, Carl Putman and Carl Sheply.

Can anyone help Richard?   Many of us have experienced the paperwork drill with the VA; I hope someone will remember Richard Reesh from CCK.

If you have anything that might help Richard, please email us here at the Blog: 

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