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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Taipei Images of 1965-1966

These photos were taken by Gary Wilson during 1965-1966.
Gary was assigned to Taipei Air Station with duty station at Shihmen.

Take a peek at Gary's Duty Station site here.

(1) Nanking Road as it was called in the 1960s.

(2) Another photo of Nanking Road,

(3) Another Taipei photo. Someone said the building was some type of Taiwan Military Hostel or Hotel facility.

(4) Does anyone recognize where this Taipei photo was taken?

(5) Taipei. My guess - we are looking toward the Main Railroad Station, right or left side of the street?

(6) Gary identified this photograph as Pedi-Haulers.

(7) Here is a group of Military Police or, are they Civilian Police, in Guard Mount formation on their way to change the Guard Posts.

Please leave your Comments below.
If you have a guess on
identifying these old photos,
please refer to them by their number.


Anonymous said...

Photo (3) 八德路新生南路口
The Intersection of Bade Road and Sinsheng South Road


Photo (4) 中山北路中山市場旁
Jhongshan market, Jhongshan North Road

Anonymous said...

Re: (4)

According to the name of bus stop showing on the plate, it probably reads "Chungshan Market Stop", which is located near the intersection of Chungshan North Road and Nanking East Raod.


Tony Lin

lincs said...


Anonymous said...

Here's the translation of the comment made by Lincs below:

"4 photos Zhongshan market bus stop is located at 112 Zhongshan North Road, a corner, it should be close to the West Yo Chang."

Thank you Lincs for helping identify that photograph. Kent

Don said...

They were still using "pedi-haulers" (though I never heard them called by that name) when I was in Taipei during 1973-74. I used to see them loaded down with everything from building supplies to farm animals.