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Monday, September 13, 2010

Kids at the Bus Stop UPDATED

Photo courtesy of Ted Baxter, US Army MAAG, USTDC Comm Center

Boys and girls from outside the city, grouped together awaiting the bus for school.

These kids look pretty happy. Maybe they've never seen a foreigner so close-up.

A few boys have shed their shoes for the comfort of walking barefoot.

Reminds me of my 4th grade school days in south Texas when I often came to school barefoot.

It seemed to be the thing to do down in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas. We even dug up the school grounds to play "keeps" marbles, and no parents were called to bring-in a pair of shoes for Johnny.

The kids of today are missing many of great things we experienced back in the day, as we grew up.

It's come to mind, after I revisited this article,  that I may have erred above when I wrote that some of the boys had shed their shoes for the comfort of walking barefoot. 

I believe, that possibly, these boys had no shoes to wear to school.
I apologize for inferring that these boys were barefoot for the comfort of walking without shoes.  I wrote this post without taking time to examine the times and situation surrounding these children in 1967.  It is quite possible these children were from a rural area where money is often quite scarce.

Nevertheless, the shoeless boys have grown into men and are hopefully leading productive lives today as they head toward their 50th Birthdays....


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