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Friday, July 30, 2010

Walk Down the Old Haggler's Row Street

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This map shows the route of the videos I took of Ximending,

All photographs below are courtesy of Shu Linkou Web Site

Earlier this month I rode the MRT =Taipei subway to Ximending and walked down the east side of the street that once contained the old "Haggler's Row" of buildings. Most of us ventured into Ximending at one time or another to visit the movie houses, shop in the stores or just sight-see. During my days in Taipei, Ximending was the "hot spot" of town.

This photograph was taken on the west side of Haggler's Row, in the rear of the buildings, looking south east.

The long stretch of buildings in front, going off left to right, including the railroad tracks were taken down and the road was widened.

The railroad tracks were put underground, along with the MRT tracks and Ximending MRT Station, which is very large.

Looking north toward the north gate and the old American Embassy.

Looking South. The new Chien Sheng Theater is seen on the left side of this photo.

Another view looking north, the First Department Store is the tall building on the right hand side of the street as well as the Chien Sheng Theater.

There are 3 videos in my walk, you can see where I began filming and where video 2 & 3 picked-up and ended by opening the Google Earth Map, the first picture on this page.

I hope you enjoy your walk down the old Haggler's Row Street.

Video # 1 starts here.

Video # 2 starts here.

Video # 3 starts here.



titojohn said...

Great Videos, Kent. Thanks!

Rory O'Neil said...

As always, enjoyed the tour! I see from Google Maps that the First Co. Ltd. Department store (Section 2, Zhongxiao W Rd and Section 1, Zhonghua Rd) had a significant makeover (I've been researching the history of AFNT on Grass Mountain, so I had to start at the Sugar Building).