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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chung Shan N. Road & Nanking E. Road

This Google Earth View shows the route of the video.
Click on the photos for a larger view

A mid 1960's view of Nanking and Chung Shan Roads.
This is looking north on Chung Shan toward HSA and the Grand Hotel.

I visited the area on 6 July 2010 and took a short video of what the corner looks like today. Click HERE to watch the video.

After crossing the street, I walked north on Chung Shan toward the old official residence of the U.S. Ambassador. As I was walking through the residence, my video card filled and the film comes to an abrupt ending. There was not much more to see. I will follow up with another video of the residence at a later date.

If you have some place in mind you'd like to see, email me -

Note: When the video begins, move it to full screen view and up the quality to 480p, this way you have the largest screen with the highest quality view of the video.

Also, push your audio slider to full blast if you would like to hear my comments, there is a lot of street noise.

Tsi Gen from Taipei.....


Judith said...

Did you find the church you were looking for?
Judith/ on bahalf of my mom from Chi-Nan Presbyterian Church

Judith said...

# My mom was in apron that day who talked to you a bit. She says you look really handsome in uniform in the picture in the old days. She wishes you a good time re-visiting Taiwan.

BTW. I'm in CA. Nice to meet you. ^^