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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chungshan North Road - 1968

My favorite place to book visitors in the mid 1960s, The Green Garden Hotel.

Not a fancy 4 star facility, but the staff and clean rooms made it one of the best.
Out the front door and down the alley to your heart's content.
Looking north from the hotel, Minquan West Road is just down the street.
More views toward the HSA Compounds and the Grand Hotel, lost in the trees.
Also looking northward on Chungshan North Road.
Does anyone recognize this intersection?
My guess, Chungshan N. Road and Nanking Road.

Most of us passed the Green Garden Hotel daily during our time in Taipei.

The streets and alleyways remain, but just about every building has been replaced.


林俊昇 said...

That is right.
There is Chungshan N. Road and Nanking Road intersection.

See Google Street View

達書 said...

I think this is Chungshan N. Road and Min-Sheng Road intersection,
because of the Chang-Hwa Bank(彰化銀行) location.(last pic)

Anonymous said...

It's definitely the northwest corner of Chung Shan N. Road and one of the cross streets, either Nanking, Min Sheng or Min Chuan Road. Sorry but I can't recall exactly which. I do remember that corner building however. The vertical sign says Rose Marie which I think may have been a restaurant. By the mid-1970s the second floor was home to a French restaurant called Le Romantique, run by a Chinese family from Saigon who came to Taipei to escape the Vietnam War.

Les Duffin

titojohn said...

It's Chungshan N. Rd. and Nanking Rd. intersection. If you look at the building with the Chinese design in the left side of the picture; you will see a sign that reads Rose Marie Bakery. It was one of Taipei's best bakeries back in the day. We used to get a turkey at the commissary, and take it to Rose Marie Bakery. They would roast it for us. :)
John Quinn

George said...

First trip back to Taiwan after serving in USN at HSA 1965-67 and then as a civilian in 1970 I stayed at the Green Garden Hotel. I believe the daily "special" room rate for me was something like $6 per day....a bargain even back then!

Robert Lin said...

This is definitely the intersection of Chungshan N. Road section 2 and MinSheng E./w. Road. To your left you see Rose Marie Bakery (美而廉) which is now the Sunrise Record store ( for over 20 years ) and to the right you see ChangHua bank which is still there but reconstructed into highrise building maybe 20 years ago , located in the intersection of Chungshan N. Road and Changchun Road. This photo was taken from the angle where the current Macay Memorial Hospital is located. I lived in this area ever since 1965. Nice photo ! A treasure to me !

Robert Lin said...

No , I was wrong , that intersection was Nanking E. Road and Chungshan N. Road. I just asked my mom and she confirms Rose Marie's location for me , sorry for the mistake .