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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Restaurant on the Water - 店飯大上水

More photographs from Peter Ciccarello, who served at the Sugar Building, assigned to USARSCAT, during 1962 and 1963.

Can anyone identify where this restaurant was tied up?

My guess was in the Keelung River some place close to the Grand Hotel.

I believe it had disappeared by the time I arrived in Taipei in late 1965.

This was something very different from the Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong harbour.

The sign board as your approach the gate could be a display of daily specials.

Another piece of history is found and recorded,

Thanks to Peter Ciccarello, taking time to send in his photographs.

Translation courtesy of Ken Lee.

I would appreciate anything you might have to share, please e-mail me.


sarj said...

This floating restarunt was on the river right in front of TDC. I boke loose from it's moorings and was gone forever in the Typhoon Gloria of Sept. 1963. I sent in photos of it floating away on Don's USTDC blog.

sarj said...

Kent....Here's the link to the page on Typhoons on the USTDC blog.

I was glad to see more photos. Thanks

Howard said...
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Howard said...

Sir, the Chinese characters of the title are in reverse order... it should be"水上大飯店", not "店飯大上水".

Thank you for posting so many articles about the US army once stationed in Taiwan! (although it had withdrawn 30 years ago). I'm a student form Taichung in central Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

Well..., we wrote 中文 from right to the left in the old time. bcoz that's how our ancestors did.