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Friday, October 9, 2009

New Friends - Our Taiwan Trip

I stood in line to have by photo taken with this nice looking young lady.

We met so many new acquaintances on our recent trip to Taiwan. Here is a young lady who was a guide for a group of tourists from the mainland. When asked by one of the men with our our group if she would mind taking pictures with us, she graciously agreed. Who could turn down a photograph with such a lovely young woman?

This lady recently e-mailed Gene, our group leader and fellow traveler.

Dear Eugene,

This is from Cindy, who met you and your friends in Taiwan, a girl in "you are what you eat" T-shirt.

Still remember me? I am in Nanjing of Guangxi province now, nearby Guilin. Here is branch company.

Please kindly send my regards to your friends.

Best wishes,

I told you this would be a wonderful trip! We're going again, you better come along on our next trip.

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Johnny said...

What a sweet, pretty girl! And You look like a young boy timidly standing beside.