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Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Buildings Open at Taipei Air Station

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Headquarters 327th Air Division Offices at their new facilities. What a big change from the small offices under the metal awnings close to the swimming pool. The closeness of all the facilities and the awnings were the heart of the old Air Station, it's a shame they had to be torn down. Yo-SomeiwiSsiid
What does that sign read just to the front of the Cadillac parked along the sidewalk? I wonder if this is the sign that stood in front of the old Cotton Building. See the original sign here.
These new building opened a few years after I departed Taipei. Can someone put an opening date on these offices?

The exciting news, this building and many others from the days of Taipei Air Station stand today and are in daily use by the University School of Management.

When you visit Taipei, drop by and visit, just a short distance from the subway (MRT) stop, Gongguan Station on the Green Line. Look for College of Management NTU, the old buildings are right in that area. Look here at the MRT map for Roosevelt Rd. Sec 4, the School of Management is just north of Roosevelt Road in about the center of this map. When you reach the tall School of Management building, you will find some of the old Taipei Air Station buildings including the building shown in the photograph above.

Photo courtesy of Les D.


Anonymous said...


I was stationed at TAS from Nov 71 to Feb 74. My primary work location was P-31 building, but in late 1972 (Oct-Nov) – I was on loan to the telephone maintenance workcenter. For two months, we installed telephones to all the offices, and terminated a 600 pr cable between the new 327th building and P-31 mainframe. (I was able to pinpoint the dates from an old APR!). So I’d have to say that the building became occupied in either Dec 72 or Jan 73, but that’s about as close as I can get! I remember the sign you mentioned in front of the old Comm building, but I just don’t remember when it was moved. It may have been moved to the new building in April-May of 1973, as I was TDY in Thailand. BTY, the main Comm Center was on the second floor, just above the roof of the sign. The main entrance for the 2165th Comm Gp was the covered area in the corner…..also, I bet the car closest to the entrance was our commander’s staff car!

Tom Schmidt, one of my buddies from TAS 71-73 era (he’s in the TAS guest book) – may have some memories or insights about the sign. Maybe he has some old photos???


John Hurst

Anonymous said...

tom schmit and his wife carol are good friends of mine and we live not too far from each other in fl. talk to them on a regular basis. i was responsible for tom getting in the taipei air station guest book as he didnt know anything about it until i pointed it out for him.i was recently in taiwan and visited the old air station and the sign in front of where the cadilac is parked is not the old cotton bldg sign. it's in chinese and don't remember what it said.

Anonymous said...

Same building today.