Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

CCK Air Base Orientation Booklet

Vincent Acquaviva Jr. sent the CCK Orientation Booklet from his time at CCK in the early 1970's.

I arrived at CCK AB in July 1971. I worked as Crew Chief on C-130 aircraft 62-1804 which did Vietnam and Thailand work. In June 1972 I was assigned to "E-Flight" Special Projects Section which did Special Ops work with Air America in Thailand, Laos, Taiwan and many other countries. I was a maintenance Crew Chief on C-130E aircraft 64-0515 and 63-7868. I stayed with Special Ops as we moved to Clark AB in April 1974 and until my separation in September 1974.

I returned to Taiwan in 1976 to attend National Taiwan University and married my wife while attending NTU. I later returned to Pennsylvania and worked with the Air Reserve on C-130 aircraft until my retirement in 2007.

My wife and I have been active in helping Taiwan students and families in Pennsylvania throughout the years.

I have not been back to Taiwan since I departed in 1978. My wife and I plan to join with the "American GI's Returning to Taiwan in 2009" group visiting Taiwan next summer.

I have many friends in Taiwan and my feelings are, "Once you have a friend in Taiwan, you have a friend FOREVER."

To see the maps and photo's in the full screen view, just click or double click on the image.
Here's the map of CCK during the 1970's. Courtesy of Les D.

Today's view of CCK. If you look around at the buildings, you'll find most of the base has not changed from the 1970s.

We begin the CCK Orientation Booklet pages.....

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Anonymous said...

I got a kick out of seeing the orientation booklet. Wish I'd of kept mine. I arrived at CCK in November '73 and stayed until August '75. I said I'd re-enlist if they let me extend again, but the base was down to a few hundred people and getting smaller.
Al Peissig

Anonymous said...

I was Crypto Maintenance with the 2129th Comm Sq at CCK from August 1972 to December 1973. It was indeed a great assignment and I found the Taiwanese people to very friendly. It was a 15 month paid vacation in paradise. I still miss the Mongolian Bar-b-que in Bar Town and shopping in the Far Eastern.
War Harris

Anonymous said...

I was at CCK from June 70 til Sept 72 stationed at the base Hospital, it was the best remote assignment I ever had. 4 of use bought a clunker 56 Ford and had the best tours of the island on our own. A beautiful place.

Ken said...

I was the passenger TMO SSGT from Nov. 72 to Oct 73. If you returned home during that time, you went through my office. It was a great year! I agree that the Taiwanese people are extremely friendly and tolerant.

Anonymous said...

I was stationed at CCK right out of tech school. I was there from Feb 72 and left for Tachikawa AFB Japan in Dec 74. I remember while in tech school how all the old timers telling me what a lucky SOB I was to be going to CCK. I bet everyone can't forget the Smoker rides to town! Anyways, I had a good time at CCK and was the best base I was stationed at.

Anonymous said...

I was tdy from kadena air base with 18th tfw from 1972 to dec 1973. still can recall watching our troops come home from nam through the phillipines. I was a #3 man on a load crew for the f4s. Would like to see it again someday. My thoughts are with the people affected by the terrible typhoon this week.

Ken Simpson said...

Wow..thanks for the trip down memory lane. I was stationed @ CCK from April '72 until July '73 as a crew chief (SSGT) on a C-130E. As I recall, I only spent about 7 months @ CCK out of the 15 month assignment. The rest was spent TDY to Takhli, U-Tapeo, NKP, Tan Son Nhut..not to mention all of the typhoon evacs to Clark and Kadena. CCK was a great assignment on a beautiful island that still has not got the recognition it deserves for all of the tactical missions flown in support of the war effort in Southeast Asia. Thanks for tweaking some fading memories of a great time in my life!
Best regards,
Ken Simpson

Anonymous said...

Was TDY from Clark AB to CCK in mid 73 before their C-130's came down to Clark.

I loved it. Taking the Smoker into the City, Big Buddha Road.... the bars, going to movies downtown , the big lake with little boats you could rent.

Loved it

Tom Little said...

I was editor of the CCK Base Paper in 1973-74. Still have a lot of the old editions somewhere. This brought back a lot of memories.

Anonymous said...

I was stationed there from Sept 1969 till Sept1970 with the Security police and Base Police.I have found It was the most enjoyable time I spent in the USAF. I arrived there a Month before they were hit by a massive typhoon. To many memories to talk about. Thank you for bringing it all back to me.

Anonymous said...

I was at CCK from June 70 to dec 71. Crew chief on c-130 64-0557. Spent lots of time flying back and forth to Tan san nuht 30 days at a time. also saw thailand, Korea, Philipines,
and my 21st birthday in Okinawa while the plane was repainted in fresh camo. will never forget the quantity of people. I look back at that time as one of the best.

Jerry Cole

Anonymous said...

I was at CCK from May,69 to Aug,70. I was asigned to the 314th FMS Surival/ Fab Shop. Worked on C-130's flight line & hanger. Had a great time on Taiwan. We rode motorbikes all over the island. We had two typhoons and also got to see The Bob Hope Chirstmas Show. I was also station at McChord AFB in Tacoma, Washington and tech school at Chanute AFB,Illinois. I have pictures on facebook of CCK & Taichung.... BOB

George said...

I was stationed at CCK from 1967 to 69 (14 mos. total) in the Avionics Shop (314th FMS). Worked on the C130's there and was recorded extensively in most of those Hurky Birds' aircraft maintenance forms. Was great to see all the posts here which brought back many wonderful experiences and senses from the island. My trip to Sun Moon Lake was special and I still play chess on the hand-carved camphor wood set that I bought there. Thank you all for the memories.
George Stewart(on Facebook)

Fred said...

My cousin Joe Maldonado was a jet engine mechanic. I remember his story about a lot of guys getting their thumbs crunched when they released the brakes(?)on the aircract he worked on. He invented a device that pushed down a piston locking device (?) and used his award money to come home to Texas on leave. Trying to get some info on what type aircraft he worked on. Started tech school at Chanute in April 66.Asgnd to CCK after Chanute Would appreciated any info. Thanks

Fred said...

Sorry its

Ed Radwanski said...

Stationed at CCK with the SAC "Combat Lightning" 135 aircraft from Aug 68 to Nov 69. Bought a motorcycle and explored the island every chance I got. Great people everywhere. Got to get back for a few days in 76 with the CINCPAC aircraft and not too much had changed.Fond memories!!

Anonymous said...

I was stationed at CCK with the 314th propeller shop in 1968-69. This brings back old memories.

Bubba said...

I was a c-130 Crew Chief stationed there 66-67 when the 314th shipped out of Sewart AFB,Tn Loved the pictures of all the new Barracks and bldgs. My buddy and I had loads of fun going into Tiachung, loved the people there.we used to ride the smoker to the base gate and catch a cab to town it was faster at a cost of 40nt. Thanks for the Pictures.

Anonymous said...

I was stationed in Tawain at CCK from 73 to 75 I ran the cryogenic Oxygen plant Good memories even extended a year. memories of Katie bar on the way back to base from down town Mike Summers

Anonymous said...

I arrived at CCK in June of 1967 Worked in the engine shop rebuilding turbines. Left in July of 1968. During that time I spent 60 days at Udorn Thailand.

Ernest Howard said...

Hi my name is Ernes Howard and I was stationed at CCK,Taiwan. I am looking for anyone who served there in the Jet Engine shop from 1971-1973. Please contact me at 623-698-0919.

Ernest Howard said...

I worked mainly on the turbine engine. A few people I recall are David Watler, Philbert Nelson, LASTNAME- Epperson. Crew Chief Staff Sgt. Johnson. I looking for anyone who served during 1971-1973 stationed at CCK Taiwan and or went TDY Da Nang, Vietnam from Sept-November 1971. Please contact me via email or call me 623-698-0919.

chill said...

went from the P.I.'late '71 to Taiwan, Tainan ab sec.police than went TDY to CCK than back to Tainan.Left Taiwan '73. The people there were the best, friendly,accomadating,good food,bars weren't to bad either,brings back alot of memories,friends I miss and just the people.The best time ever while in the A.F.Better there than State side.No comparison.loved it.Chris H.

Jim Turner said...

I am Jim Turner and was at CCK Nov '66 to Dec '67 - worked in CBPO. I can honestly say that the 13 months spent in Taiwan was the best time of my 4 years in the Air Force. Thanks for the memories!

Anonymous said...

I'm Col. Dan Dickerson and would like to contact Tom Little, who was in charge of the base newspaper from 73-74.
Anybody know him??
Dan Dickerson